Amazon Reduced Redundancy Storage

While working on a network application which was using Amazon S3 as a temporary file storage, I recalled that there is Reduced Redundancy Storage. It turned out that one line of code saved me up to 20% of the storage expenses.

Unified layout

I used to manage 2 personal websites. One as a personal page vCard. Resume, portfolio and contacts (this one). Another one as a blog (

Rails Vagrant box

Recently, I had a pleasure to work with @kinnaj. He is a designer and uses Photoshop on Windows. We were going to work on a Rails project together.

Deploy Jekyll with Mina

This blog is running on CentOS 7 server of DigitalOcean. The webserver is Nginx. The blog system I am using is Jekyll. To make the deployment smooth and fast I use Mina. The philosophy behind Mina is the same as Capistrano’s, but with less features and configuration.

Visual identity of the blog

One of my unrealized obsessions is fine arts. I was so busy with coding that I didn’t even do the web design. One of the reasons why I’ve created this blog, was to play with colors and UI.. in a long run.

First post

So, this is my nth attempt to start a real blogging. It is weekend, and it sounds very like a diet starting. If I can push it to the next weekends, I’ll keep it playing.